Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pre-Birthday Reflection

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yeah. One more year older.
This year the first digit and the second one will become same, after 3 years of first digit changed.

I have got very lovely parents and siblings who always wish my birthday in early morning. On my bright day, mom would come to my room in the early morning and wake me up with Happy Birthday song when we lived together. After that she would ask me to pray the Buddha with items to offer like flowers, fruits and breakfast.

We normally have special lunch and dinner to celebrate on the day.

Now I am living in a place which is quite far from home. Even though we can’t celebrate together, my family still call me in the early morning of my birthday to wish me. They are really lovely and the greatest gift for me.

I have no doubt that they will call me tomorrow to wish me “Happy Birthday”.
When I look back what I have done for them, in fact, nothing really much. I feel that I am not doing I should do. Really!

What I want to do to on this year birthday? I don’t have anything in mind yet. But friends booked Chalet to have BBQ party. Thanks you guys.

Wishing everyone to have peaceful mind.