Saturday, 16 June 2007


I wrote this poem especially for her birthday in Nov. I have never written a poem for someone and this is first and only b-day wish poem...
When I am posting this poem, the radio, Class 95 is playing 'HERO' by Enrique Iglesias... I am really missing you, my dear...I want to be your hero baby...

There is something I'd like to say
To my special one on your birthday day.
“I am grateful to have you such a way“
Like a gift from the heaven,
You are everything for me weeks of day seven.
We've bared and shared our pain,
Later we can have so much gain.
Always remember our love,
There is nothing together we can not start.
I'll be here for you forever,
Just call me you need whenever.
I want to say ‘x xxxx xxx’ on your birthday,
Though that is something you don't love.
I'll keep it silent in my heart.
I'm sorry I can't be with you today,
But I dearly wish you Happy Birthday!


I wrote this poem after she repeatedly saying that she wants me to be her friend and nothing more than that :(


She is beautiful
Like flowers in winter
Like a diamond or a shining star.
She has such a beauty,
That makes him ugly.
Whenever he thinks about her,
His heart beats faster
His eyes look brighter
She regards him as a friend,
Nothing more,
She has no idea how much he loves her.
In a perfect world,
She would feel the same way too,
But the world isn't perfect…
…there's nothing he can do.

I Love You

I wrote this one when I feel that I'd be terribly sad if she can't be with me...but that happened to me and juz hoping for a miracle. My motto is 'never say die' and always try to achieve whatever I want but ... I made a wrong move ... that's my fault... I am still hoping if she can forgive me..

I Love You

Though you are not here,
I am here
Thinking about how much I love you,
Thinking about how much I admire you,
Thinking about how much I respect you,
Thinking about how much I miss you.
Though you are not here,
Wherever I go or whatever I do
I see you in my mind,
I see you in my dream,
I see you in my feeling,
I see you in my heart,
Though you are not here,
I am here
Dreaming about how frightening I will be if we can’t be together,
Dreaming about how brightening my life will be if we are together,
Always dreaming about the life with you,
I love you.

I Miss You

I wrote this poem when she couldn't come to office as she took leave 10 days to practice meditation. Thats was in Oct 2006

I Miss You

Though I can’t write or call you
Though I can’t chat or email you

As often I would like to spend time thinking about you.
It is a memory of something we shared
No matter what it is in my mind
I want to write and call you every day
I miss you...

Will I fall in love again ...

Will I fall in love again if I have no hope to be with my special one? I figure, well, I know I will love again but the love I have for my special one is like once in a life time love. There is no other thing to compare with it.

Life is so strange! I am not the sweetest, kindest person all of the time and, God knows, I am not handsome. But there is a gal out there who will see me for who I am and love me anytime. The problem is I can’t love or even like her. I can’t stand the way she is. It’s as simple as that. I know she wasn’t happy, but you know something, I couldn't do anything about it.

Now I'm okay. I still smile and I still laugh, but as before....I still think about my special one a lot. She is my first true love and that’s gonna make it very hard for me to truly get over, but I don’t think I want to get over her.
For one remember what real love feels like.

Why I created this blog?

I created this blog to re-post my old ones which I wrote in other place. I will write some new post in here but will not post so frequent because I can express my feeling better in Burmese. I love to write but lazy to do. :D that's me...
I wrote some poems and also want to post here. Uhh...Better to be called Poems in PeTi's Way coz I don't follow (know) any rules :D