Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I should be like this Vodka

Drunk Swedish-French, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.

The client sent an email attached with a photo of sliding windows and called…

Client: Can you make animation with the photo to show how the windows open and close?

Me: Sorry, we can’t make a static photo to animate. We need to create 3D model to animate.

Client: Why? It’s a very simple job; just make the windows open and close. That's. Simple, right?

Me: Photo is static, so we can’t make animation with it. Perhaps, you take video of windows, so it’s animated and your clients can see windows as real one instead of a model.

Client: It is not easy to take video, so I ask you to crate it in simple way…

Me: '......'

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Miss You

Miss You, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
The traffic in Bangkok is notorious. I didn’t have experience of it until I was there in September 2009. I went there with my parents, after coming back from Japan, to visit.When we came back from Ayutthaya it was late to visit The Emerald Buddha, which is close at 5:30 PM. So we decided to go to MBK Shopping centre to buy souvenirs and have dinner.

After getting back to Bangkok, the rain started falling. It was raining cats and dogs later. The traffic was so bad that we could barely move. We took about 3 hours to travel about 3 km. If it hadn't been raining, we would get out of the car and walk to the shopping centre.

While I was stuck in car in traffic, mom and dad fell asleep and I have nothing to do except playing with my camera. I took this photo of rear-view mirror from front seat of the car… At that time I was missing someone...

I think my feeling reflects on the photo.