Friday, 2 July 2010

Mixed Messy Miss

Mixed Messy Miss, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
We left home to search better life.
We fought until we strike.
Sometimes we got backstab by many knives.

Then we said ‘better to live with the family’.
Yet we cannot decide what to do firmly.

We visited home to stay with them alone.
But we got better-life missing syndrome.

It’s hard to take everything together.
To get the life we got, never say never.
Past taught us to be clever to endeavor happy forever.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tamarind Buds

Tamarind Buds, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
You will feel very excited when you see something which can relate to your good memories.

I went to Lake Side to take some photos of Chinese Garden for my designers this morning. The weather was perfect for photo shooting; sunny with blue sky. When I was ready … and click… cannot fire… What’s wrong? … Check… no SD card… WTF. I forgot put the SD card back to camera after transferring photos to computer last night. I remembered to take the card before leaving home. Unfortunately a client called me while I was preparing to leave. After the conversation, I left home without taking SD card…


Anyway, I decided to go back home and take the card. Otherwise we will not finish the design in time. When I get back to Lake Side the weather changed. It became cloudy. What the luck? I was disappointed as my effort to come here early was wasted. Anyway I took some shots of Lake and temples and HDB and so on…

I walked along the jogging track beside the lake… and I found a tamarind tree and I was so excited. It has new leaves and buds. I was happy taking photos of tamarind leaves.

It really makes me to remember my home town, my mom and my mom’s cooking. She would make a salad with those tamarind buds, butter bean and onion. That salad is very simple yet very delicious.

I miss you, mom… and your delicious home cooking.