Friday, 2 May 2008

Second Chance

"To err is human, To forgive is divine." -- Alexander Pope

People make mistakes.

They hurt their loved ones, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.

The pain you get from someone you love will make you think twice or more about giving them another chance.

People may change the way they are if they have second chance.

How about you, do you think that you don’t make any mistake?

You may also hurt people along the way whether you know it or not.

I think you need to find out the whole story behind. After that you should decide whether should give second chance. Sometime you don't have to give them a second chance.

I am not saying you should to everything, but I think at least you should try to make an effort to understand and then move on.

You deserve to be treated with respect and be loved.

Ask yourself! Can I control the sentiment of my heart…? Decide based on the answer…

What won't kill you will only make you stronger.

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