Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I should be like this Vodka

Drunk Swedish-French, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.

The client sent an email attached with a photo of sliding windows and called…

Client: Can you make animation with the photo to show how the windows open and close?

Me: Sorry, we can’t make a static photo to animate. We need to create 3D model to animate.

Client: Why? It’s a very simple job; just make the windows open and close. That's. Simple, right?

Me: Photo is static, so we can’t make animation with it. Perhaps, you take video of windows, so it’s animated and your clients can see windows as real one instead of a model.

Client: It is not easy to take video, so I ask you to crate it in simple way…

Me: '......'


Anonymous said...

LOL You should write a book on experiences in dealing with dummies. :P

Anonymous said...

customer is always right! :D