Thursday, 30 September 2010

Filter, Clouds and Trip

Filter, Clouds and Trip, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
I went back to Yangon last month for holidays. Just before going back, I bought a Polarizer Filter to get better landscape photos. I didn’t have time to try that filter after buying. So, when I get onto the plane I just open the packing and fix the filter on the lens to take some clouds photo as I thought I will get better photos with it.

I am luckily enough to get a windows seat because the flight was nearly full. As it was the morning flight, the sun is rising and there were clouds as well. When I take photo, we are crossing the ocean, so morning sunlight was reflecting on the ocean to make the cloud in 3D effect. Frankly speaking I am not familiar to use it yet.

More photos will come later but please do not expect to see very stunning photos. :D



sskyAw said...

nice shot!

P.Ti said...

hi SuKyar. Thank You for your kind comment.