Saturday, 16 June 2007


I wrote this poem especially for her birthday in Nov. I have never written a poem for someone and this is first and only b-day wish poem...
When I am posting this poem, the radio, Class 95 is playing 'HERO' by Enrique Iglesias... I am really missing you, my dear...I want to be your hero baby...

There is something I'd like to say
To my special one on your birthday day.
“I am grateful to have you such a way“
Like a gift from the heaven,
You are everything for me weeks of day seven.
We've bared and shared our pain,
Later we can have so much gain.
Always remember our love,
There is nothing together we can not start.
I'll be here for you forever,
Just call me you need whenever.
I want to say ‘x xxxx xxx’ on your birthday,
Though that is something you don't love.
I'll keep it silent in my heart.
I'm sorry I can't be with you today,
But I dearly wish you Happy Birthday!

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