Thursday, 18 March 2010

Come on, my mood

Come on, my mood, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
It takes time to archive old photos because I looked at photos when I archive. Photos can bring back old memories.

I accompanied my room-mate on his pre-wedding photography day last year. The photographer was kind enough to allow me to use my camera. Normally they will not allow you to have DSLR while they are taking photos because that will affect their business. The couple can choose limited number of photos depends on the package that they bought only. If they want more photos than the package offers, they have to pay hefty price.

I requested the photographer that I would just take photos of the photography event, not the couple’s alone. He agreed and I helped him in return.

This photo was taken in the backstreet of the bridal shop. The photographer wanted the bridegroom have nice smile but the groom can get the mood. So the photographer asked him to take time get the right mood. At that time the bride is staring at him that way and I clicked.

When I showed this photo to them, I joked. ‘The groom got pressure to get married while the bride is starring and saying that no use to be sorry and scared by now. You can’t change your mind anyway.’

It was exactly one year ago. As the room-mate is not living with us anymore, sometimes I miss him because he is not only friend for me, he is like a brother to me as well.

Happy Marriage, Thar Latt.

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