Monday, 18 January 2010

Don't waste precious water!

Don't waste precious water!, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
We normally give warning to the person who didn't turn faucet off properly in our house because we just don't want to waste precious water. I didn't shoot this photo to have evident to give warning. I just turn faucet on for a while to take this photo and wasted some water.

As water, another important thing we shouldn’t waste in our life is TIME. "You will not get back the time that you wasted...". That’s so true that I regret the time that I wasted in the past but I didn’t learn. I am still wasting time again and again. I would like to spend the time wisely but I am a little bit emotional than other people. So I follow feelings rather than plans.

When I stop what I am doing and think but there are dilemmas … I think “What if…” Then my thinking stops there and I do as my feelings again…

I really need someone to give me a warning to stop wasting my time… In our life, no one will give you that kind of warning but yourself. Fortunately, I have great parents who always think about their kids and gave advices or suggestions or warnings whenever they think that they should.

So … you know?

I don’t know what will be next …

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