Friday, 15 January 2010

Lying Down Johnny

Lying Down Johnny, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
I wrote “when I am bored and not lazy to go out, I normally bring my camera and take some photos”, so you may have a question in mind that what I normally do when I am bored and lazy to go out.

Well, I take photos of things that I have when I am bored at home. During weekends, I need to wash cloths and clean up the room. One weekend in Nov 2009, after housework is done, I still have some free time. I looked for things to take photos.

I saw liquor bottles in my room. I cleaned up those bottles and place on sofa to take photos. I used my Nikon D60 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens and took with manual focus because D60 cannot auto-focus with 50mm lens. But it is really fun to focus manually. The lens is small but really a great lens to play with depth of field because of its aperture. It’s a very sharp standard lens without fish-eye distortion of the face when you take close-up portrait.

You may think that I drink a lot because I have many liquor bottles at home. I usually ask friends, who are coming back from overseas, to buy a bottle for me because the price in DFS is much cheaper than outside. I haven’t drunk for long, so I have 3 bottles of liquor now, 1 Remy, 1 Johnny and 1 Absolut which are waiting to be consumed.

Interested... ?

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Anonymous said...

Yessss. Interested. When can I join u for drinks?? :P Do I bring my bottles too? LOL