Monday, 11 January 2010

Great Gathering

HortPark Singapore, originally uploaded by ZackTwin.
I went to Hort Park, Singapore to take photos with 2 friends a year ago. One is Japanese and another one is New Zealander.

Let me share the history of how we know each other because the way we met is little bit interesting, I think. I attended a class to learn basic Mandarin speaking in 2006 together with 2 of my friends. I didn’t learn a lot of Mandarin words but I got 5 incredibly great new friends, 2 New Zealanders (Reuben & Kim, they are couple), 2 Singaporean Indians (Durai & Shahi, they are friends), 1 Japanese (Chikako) and, of course, 2 Burmese who are already friends before attending the class. Even though we have different backgrounds and professions, we can get along very well surprisingly. We know that after a drinking session in Chimjes. Whenever we have gathering, we could eat and talk for more than 6 hours.

Among those friends, Reuben, Chikako and I are interested in photography. One day, we decided to meet on weekend to take photos together, so we can share our knowledge and ideas of photography. Reuben used Canon DSLR, Chikako used Olympus SLR and I used Nikon DSLR. Above photo is one of photos I took during the photo taking session in Hort Park which was on 21 Feb 2009.

Not long after that Reuben and Kim moved to Australia. After they moved, we didn’t meet as everyone is busy. Another reason is that Kim is the best organizer among friends. Since she is not here, no one can organize and plan like her to have a gathering.

Last Saturday, we met all those friends again. You guess what. Kim arranged that meeting too. Reuben and Kim were going back to Australia from India where they had their holidays. They transit in Singapore for 6 hours. So we had a chance to meet with them for about 3 hours. Kim knew what she wanted to have for lunch. So she arranged to meet in Jumbo Seafood in Clarke Quay. The food was nice. The talk was great. The feeling was happy.

By the way, I gave photos as present to them. One Bagan photos from Ko Ye Tun whom I know in Flickr and One Miyajima photo which I took during my trip to Japan. They liked both of photos very much.

I am sad to say good bye to them but I am really happy that we had a nice gathering again. I really feel that I am very lucky to have them as my friends. See you again guys!

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